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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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opposition. now kpix 5 reporter john ramos says that northern californians are trying to kill the tunnel project, too. >> it's been painfully clear for the last 30 years that the existing system is not working well for fish or for people. >> reporter: currently, so much water is being sucked from the south end of the delta that in places, water actually flows in a reverse direction. it's harming endanger fish and preventing a natural cleansing action. the state says besides provide earthquake protection, the tunnels would allow a freshwater flow to help equalize the system. >> we will gain flexibility. we will be able to pull from either the north or the south, depending on where we can do the least environmental harm when we're drawing water. >> reporter: it's estimated the 35-mile-long tunnels will cost $16 billion to build and would be paid for by the receivers of the water, mainly the
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metropolitan water district of southern california and west san joaquin valley farmers to ensure the safety of the system and the state saying they will get no additional water from the delta. >> you can sure think of it as an insurance policy just to ensure that the supply you're getting now you can continue to get. >> reporter: but the people who live here don't buy that. they say if the metropolitan water district and the west side farmers are going to put up billions of dollars to build this thing, they are going to expect something in return. they're going to want more water. a group called restore the delta doesn't believe this is about making the supply more secure. >> it's profit-motivated. it's the ability to sell water. >> reporter: she believes metropolitan is considering issuing bonds to fund $8 billion of the cost so they would become too big to fail in the eyes of the state. >> if they pay for this, are they going to expect more water than they're getting now? >> they are going to expect more water and they are going to leverage their debt position
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with the government to give them the water. >> reporter: no matter how many environmental hurdles the state clears, if the water districts don't agree to pay for it the project will fail. many wonder what that kind of political leverage will mean for the delta. john ramos, kpix 5. >> even if the southern california water districts come up with the money, the state and federal governments will have to issue a number of permits before construction begins. now, coming up tomorrow at 6:00, john is going to take us to the small town of hood on the sacramento river, where the state wants to put the intake pipes for those tunnels and where locals worry those tunnels would destroy not just the delta but their way of life. new at 6:00, marijuana laws are starting to take shape in the north bay. kpix 5's emily turner is inside a dispensary in sonoma where people can now apply for commercial marijuana licenses. emily. >> reporter: veronica, it's a whole new world for the marijuana industry. starting today, in sonoma
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county, you can get a permit and that brings businesses like these within the law in sonoma county. these people actually look forward to paperwork. but for karen, today's forms have been a long time coming. >> we are excited to step into this whole regulated permitted world and actually be able to come out of the closet. >> reporter: her medical marijuana farm is the first business in sonoma county to apply for a permit, something that didn't exist for the industry until today. the county opened the office early for the first day of applications and has a sense of humor handing outnumbers for those in line starting with "420". >> he is awesome. >> reporter: it took about 18 months to create the permitting process and the laws supporting it. when it's all said and done, the tax revenue is expected to bring in anywhere from 2.6 to $2.9 million a year for the
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county. >> that revenue will also be used to cover a lot of costs that the county will incur when it comes to enforcement, the initial part of staffing for the permitting process that can't be covered by application fees. >> reporter: today's permit also plays a part on the state level. once businesses get one here, they are eligible for state licensure when adult recreational use becomes legal in california in january. >> it's been a really welcoming process, and i would recommend that people get into it now because 2018 is coming up. >> reporter: i talked to the county this afternoon and asked them what their head count was on people applying for permits. they have had about 2 dozen or more people applying for permits just today on the first day. reporting live in sonoma county, emily turner, kpix 5. we have new information about a story we first told but last week. several airport screeners in the bay area accused of taking bribes to help drug smugglers. today a federal judge sentenced
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another screener to prison. jessica scott pleaded guilty to allowing 13 pounds of cocaine to pass through her x-ray machine at sfo. she didn't take any bribes. but she did it because her then husband asked her to. this man, joseph scott you see him here running away from our cameras outside the federal courthouse in san francisco last week after pleading guilty to receiving a bribe as a public official, he was a supervisor screener at sfo. in all, seven screeners at sfo and oakland have been charged with turning a blind eye to drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. in court today, attorneys said there were more screeners involved who have not been arrested. bart had high hopes for the millbrae station when it first opened. but it turns out ridership is half of what it was expected to be. kpix 5's devin fehely is there now to tell us what went wrong. devin. >> reporter: well, this bart station opened before uber and before lyft, before technology companies were chartering their
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own buses. it also opened with an expectation that thousands of caltrain riders would hop off here and hop on to bart trains and that simply never happened. bart's board of directors was banking on the millbrae station being a vibrant busy transportation hub connecting riders with caltrain, sfo and the city. but a decade and a half after it first opened there's little dispute that the millbrae station is under used and often ignored falling far short of expectations. >> the busiest it ever is during commute hours and even that isn't as busy as most other stations are. >> reporter: the millbrae station averageses about 70,000 -- about 7,000 riders a day half of the projection. even though millbrae is the closest station to the airport, you're forced to backtrack to san bruno to catch a train that connects to sfo. >> the millbrae bart station is weird because it starts mid- peninsula. >> airports make sense. you have a lot of people like me who are not driving.
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it might help to have something right at the airport. >> reporter: but bart says millbrae is an important link in the transit system. >> generally speaking, our calculus is good when it comes to prejudicing ridership -- when it comes to projecting ridership like this. we didn't meet the projection this time. >> reporter: they are not sure if there's anything they can do to increase ridership in millbrae and wonder if the big expensive empty station was a good use of taxpayer dollars. >> bart has suffered from misspending in a lot of ways. i'm not sure how you go about getting more use of the station because it's enormous and a parking structure that's rarely full. >> reporter: bart tried to put a positive spin on those dismal ridership numbers compared to the original estimate. they say that there's still a great need and desire for transit and they say the capacity is here. in millbrae, devin fehely, kpix 5. $1,000 a pop that's the
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fine for people caught using illegal fireworks in san bruno. police posted this video of officers issuing the tickets as the fireworks were going off last night. a newark teen paid a big price for using them. it left him severely injured. he lost part of a hand. it happened last night in newark. a witness says several families were celebrating the 4th of july when things went wrong. >> he tried to light the wick and handle it and it blew up right when let it go. >> police say the 18-year-old was setting off a mortar round like this one when it blew up in his left hand. officers applied a tourniquette and had him transported to the hospital with potentially life- threatening injuries. but the alameda county sheriff's department says he is expected to survive. he will not be cited for the illegal fireworks. as usually happens, all those fireworks going off
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around the bay area sent pets running for cover. an animal shelter in the north bay has a flood of stray dogs today. kpix 5's juliette goodrich explains what happens to them now. >> reporter: fireworks set off on the 4th of july also set off a lot of animals running scared to get away from all the noise. >> probably about 15 right now with the big dogs and probably six or eight smaller dogs. >> reporter: at the humane society of the north bay, stray dogs have been coming in all day. >> their hearing is much better than ours. so imagine something blowing up right next to your ear. that's how it is for them. so they tend to freak out. >> reporter: this little guy came in last night, as well. he is a chihuahua, about 7 years old. the shelter will do everything it can to try to reunite the strays that came in with their original owner, they will check identification, chips and
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facebook. in vallejo this animal rescue group had several "found dog" postings on its facebook page. this family brought in a stray dog today. no microchip or collar with identification. >> hopefully we can find his owner. >> does have a microchip or tag? >> nothing. no identification. that's sad. you know, if he had a microchip, we could get him home right away. >> reporter: after this couple searched the shelter they came aloss the last cage in the corner and found their dog gaga. the last spot you looked, did you think she was going to be here? >> i was hoping she was. i kind of lost hope when we checked the other room but thank god she is here. >> reporter: go say hi to her! in vallejo, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. coming up, one bay area city wants to pay you to save your own money. we'll show you how you can cash in on that program.
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>> plus, california one step closer to pushing last call to 4 a.m. why some aren't thrilled by the idea. >> and a ridesharing company adding to our bay area traffic mess. how the president of lyft is responding to the problem. >> the only problem we have in the bay area is how to handle the good weather that's ahead. a little bit of a warming trend on the way as well as the usual low clouds. we'll have the complete forecast looking ahead into the weekend. first, we're going to look towards san francisco and it will all happen after this break.
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their jobs... after last month's deadly shooting. w fear and uncertainty are preventing dozens of u.p.s. workers in san francisco from returning to work after last month's deadly shooting. makeshift memorials now are on the sidewalk at the building where the attack happened in potrero hill. 40 drivers witnessed the shooting but only 15 have gone back to work, according to a union rep. >> it's rough. a lot of them are seeking out help and taking time off from work to make sure they get their minds right prior to returning to work. >> on june 14, u.p.s. driver jimmy lam shot and killed three coworkers and wounded two others before killing himself. a public memorial will be held for the victims this sunday at 2 p.m. at san francisco's city hall. news developing out of the south bay right now. we now know the identity of the woman who was shot and killed
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monday night near san jose state. she is 20-year-old mila dang of san jose. police were called to a home on south 10th street monday after someone heard loud bangs inside. they found the woman suffering from a gunshot wound. she died at the scene. no word on the suspect's description or what led up to the shooting. police have identified 42- year-old seth crochet as the gunman in the deadly shooting of a gas station clerk in antioch. they say he entered the gas station on monday night and shot a 57-year-old attendant. police then shot and killed the gunman. antioch police and the contra costa county district attorney's office are investigating the case. chopper 5 over sfo earlier today. the bomb squad was just called out before noon on reports of a suspicious package. we got these videos from a viewer, outside terminal one she and other passengers waited for luggage while the bomb
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squad inspected the package. the "all clear" came an hour later. it may have been a forgotten carry-on bag. a bill that would extend last call in california bars to 4 a.m. cleared a key committee in sacramento today. bar owners say that senate bill 384 could mean booming business but others argue the move may increase alcoholism and traffic accidents. >> i don't want to sacrifice certain things to try to make more money. i don't want to worry about people getting drunk in that place because they want to make a few more bucks. >> senator scott weiner, who first introduced the bill, tweeted today's decision is a big step for the for night life. the cost of living is so high in the bay area, many find it hard to save for a rainy day. but there's a new campaign in san francisco aimed at changing that. kpix 5's simon perez with the details. >> you always have -- you're always anxious and on your toes. >> reporter: it took him over
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after he lost his job, house and drained's savings. >> life hits you. the refrigerator went out and a couple of days we didn't have one, put in an ice cooler and then got another one but that's because we couldn't spend any money. >> reporter: 25% of americans have saved nothing for emergencies. zero dollars. this is how quickly things can spin out of control. first, you get a flat, but then you can't afford a new tire which means you can't take your car to work. you get fired and the money stops coming in. pretty soon you can't pay rent on your apartment. and you find yourself evicted, kicked to the curb. >> in your dreams you think of things that could happen and, of course, murphy's law works out and it happens. >> savings is usually something that everybody wants to do tomorrow. you know, so it can be hard to get going. >> reporter: phillips is head of "earn" the group promoting saverlife that motivates people to save.
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>> providing a little extra encouragement and support really helps people get over the hurdle and take the first step. >> reporter: the first 1,000 people who sign up will get free money. here's how it works. you put $20 of your own money into a savings account every month for six months. your balance, $120. then you get rewarded with a free $60. final balance, $180. >> you not only are going to receive some rewards for saving, you're also going to receive motivational messages and ideas and tips from a financial coach on how to really make this a life-long habit. >> when you see that, you know, in the account and you see that growing, you build confidence, hope. >> reporter: you sleep better? >> a little bit better. >> reporter: it's important to note that none of this money comes from taxpayers. this is all part of donations from "earn" partners. anyone in the bay area can sign up for the program. go to, where we have a link. and as of right now i just checked a few minutes, there are 600 people signed up.
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that means there's 400 spaces left. in the newsroom, i'm simon perez, kpix 5. we're going to switch gears over to some different kinds of numbers. that is the temperatures we're going to hit by the like approach 100 inland. now a study in contrasts, although not as contrast-y today as yesterday as we look out toward the bay. unlike the way it was over the fourth, it's clear now. dublin plenty of blue and warm temperatures, as well. san jose right now still 76. san rafael at 80. and in morgan hill it is 89 degrees. going to be fairly nice for the alameda county fair in pleasanton sunny and warm tomorrow at 93. high atop the west coast there's the high pressure that's building in over the desert southwest on the western side of the high. some of the buildups will be working their way into the sierra where they get a slight chance of thunderstorms
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tonight. the ridge will be in place, the temperatures will be coming up inland along the shoreline not so much. the usual fog and low clouds in the early going will burn to the shore by early-morning tomorrow. so increasing sunshine but still cool at the coast. just 62 pacifica, 85 in san jose. 95 for fairfield. and 87 degrees in napa. extended forecast we are going to be looking for plenty of sun inland, the numbers approaching 100 by friday. the weekend will still be warm inland with temperatures in the mid-90s around the bay. just the low 70s and then at the shoreline, we will still be packing a sweater if you are heading to the beach because it will be plenty cool out there. but the big change between now and the weekend, it's getting warmer inland, veronica. >> hm. all right. sounds good, brian. thank you. still to come, turning tragedy into a lesson. how a bay area mother is using her son's death as a way to teach students about the
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dangers of hazing. >> bumgarner's road to recovery goes to san jose tonight. i'm dennis o'donnell. the warriors add another player to the roster. he might be, might be, the most entertaining yet. ♪[ music ]
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some swag. today the team reportedly added guard nick "swaggy p" young ... the 10 the warriors have a pair of championships and some swag. they reportedly added nick young. he got a one-year deal worth $5.25 million to come off the warriors bench. young averaged over 13 points a game with the lakers last year and knocked down 40% of his threes. "swaggy p" has baggage. he can be loose during interviews and once made himself a laughingstock when he celebrated a missed shot. young tweeted over a year ago,
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quote, i hate 2016 golden state fans. they don't know nothing about basketball! unquote. i'm sure that tune will change pretty quickly. it was a feeding frenzy for a's hitters against the white sox starter mike pelfrey. 4th inning, jacob bregman hammers one to infinity, solo shot, 4-0 a's but oakland did damage on the ground and specifically, that man! davis steals second, uncontested! and then on the very next pitch, there he goes to third, still no throw from kevin smith. four steals in the game for him matches a career-high. jed lowrie singles through the infield. that's a run completely manufactured by davis. a's win 7-4. sonny gray goes 6 innings and wins. meanwhile, tonight in san jose, madison bumgarner was on the phone before his first start of two rehab starts. the giants ace still working
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his way back from a motorcycle crash and will pitch in front of a packed house at municipal stadium. san jose is playing the rancho cucamonga quakes tonight. and their infielder drew jackson idolized "mad-bum" when he grew up in the east bay. >> it's going to be exciting for sure to see what he has up at the plate, yeah. >> are you asking for his ought laugh? >> hopefully he will -- >> are you asking for his autograph? >> hopefully he will ask for mine. >> is it anxious for you to watch him as a manager and player? >> we had a good relationship back in the day and it's kinds of fun to see him watching. i mean, him pitching in my ballclub so it's kind of happy to have him as one of my players, you know what i mean? >> giants in detroit tonight. if you missed california's free fishing day on july 1, don't worry! there's another one coming on september 2. no license required. grab your rod, get out on the
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water. >> good night, that is a huge fish!! >> holy mackerel! this is george and mike, veronica, showing off their lingcods, caught off the farralones islands. they are legendary when it comes to rockcod fishing. you think you can do better? send us your fishing pictures, email us at >> i tried for days and didn't get a pike! >> thanks, dennis. straight hide, all eyes on north korea and the u.s. is ready to take action. >> starting from the top a look at how the gender pay gap has widened among staffers in the white house. >> and football player-turned-activist, how colin kaepernick spent his 4th of july and why it has some thinking he will never return to the nfl. ♪[ music ]
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north korea's missile launch. president trump hoped china would step in to pressure north our top story at 6:30, the growing tensions over north korea's missile launch. president trump hoped china would step in to pressure north korea, but so far, that's not
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happening. >> president trump on the first lady are in poland tonight. it is the first stop on his second overseas trip as commander-in-chief. he will deliver a major speech in warsaw and head to the g20 summit in germany later this week. security is going to be tight in anticipation of protests. in germany, president trump will have his first face-to- face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. he will also meet with the president of china. the gender pay gap is widening in the white house. a typical female white house staffer now earns 63.2 cents for every dollar earned by a man. that amounts to a 37% pay gap which is more than double the national number of 17%. this is according to an economist of the conservative american enterprise institute. he says the gender pay gap was 11% in the final year of the obama administration. developing story out of new york city right now. this afternoon, police officers mourning the loss of one of their own. an officer was shot and killed
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in what officials are calling a clear assassination. in new york, authorities say this man alex alexander bonds shot miosotis familia in cold blood. her partner called in the shooting. [ screaming ] >> officer familia died at the hospital from her injuries. she was a 12-year veteran of the nypd and a mother of three. >> i felt like a brawl happening in the police van like someone was in there like a crazy guy with a gun. and then a cop got spot point- blank. >> police killed bonds in a shootout about a block away. a bystander was hit in the crossfire and is in stable condition. quarterback colin kaepernick is getting in touch with his roots. ♪[ music ]
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>> he spent the 4th of july in ghana and posted this video documenting his trip along with a video kaepernick tweeting, how can we truly celebrate independence on a day that intentionally robbed our ancestors of theirs? >> kaepernick is making himself absolutely unemployable. he could very easily become a celebrity world advocate for humanity and he could do so without ever risking a concussion. >> kaepernick is currently a free agent after spending six seasons with the 49ers. [ pause ] tensions are growing over north korea's missile launch. president trump hoped china would step in to pressure north korea, but so far that's not happening. weijia jang has more. weijia. [ pause ]
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>> all right. we are going to be talking much more about this tonight on nightbeat. send me a tweet right now at #veronicadlcruz. we want to know how concerned you are about north korea and its missile tests. again, you can tweet me at #veronicadlcruz. i'll be reading your comments tonight at 10:00. coming up, huge flames shootout of a bay area condo. the role a coffee roaster may have played in the fire. >> and out with the old and in with the new when volvo plans to stop making gas-only cars.
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tensions over north korea's missile launch. president trump hoped china would step in to pressure north korea... but so far that's not happening cbs reporter weija jiang...has this report. growing tensions over north korea's missile launch. president trump wanted china to pressure north korea. that's not happening. weijia jang reports. >> reporter: the united nations security council held an emergency meeting to discuss north korea's successful launch
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of an intercontinental ballistic missile that has the ability to reach alaska. >> these actions is yet another brazen violation of the relevant security council resolutions and constitute a dangerous escalation of the situation. >> reporter: china and russia blocked new sanctions against north korea. >> all must acknowledge that sanctions will not resolve the issue. >> reporter: and they called on the u.s. to withdraw a missile defense system deployed to south korea. but the trump administration and south korea fired missiles wednesday, warning the north they will not be passive as it develops a nuclear weapon. >> the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. one of our capabilities lies with our considerable military forces. we will use them if we must. >> reporter: president trump is in europe for meetings with world leaders and a g20 summit
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focused on the global economy. now the growing threat of north korea is front and center. >> i have been watching north korea for a long time. and i'm surprised at how fast they have been able to pull out new missile designs, launch them and despite having some failures, do relatively well. >> reporter: the pentagon describes north korea's latest launch as escalator and destabilizing but adds the u.s. is capable of defending the company from the threat. a coffee roaster may have sparked a flyer at a mountain view condo. the tenant told fire crews he was roasting coffee in the garage when it caught fire and collapsed the roof. the fire chief said they had a challenge because it was tough to maneuver around in the complex. >> you can see this is a tight complex. it's hard to get our apparatus in here. but we were able to get a water supply and get in there in a timely fashion. >> the unit was a total loss. the firefighters managed to
6:38 pm
keep the fire away from the adjoining units and no one was hurt. a raging fire in san jose destroyed an abandoned dentist office. witnesses say they saw homeless running away from the building before firefighters showed up. but it's not exactly clear what started this fire. drivers were greeted with an unusual message in napa over the weekend. a caltrans sign along the silverado trail was hacked to read, caution, asian drivers. caltrans officials say they learned about the sign around 11:45 sunday night and immediately took it down. they say its policy is to lock the sign control boards. you also need a secret code to operate them. carmaker volvo is going green. starting in 2019, all cars will be electric or hybrids. this change would make it the first car company to phase out gas-only vehicles. the ceo says they plan on selling one million electric
6:39 pm
cars in the next 8 years. and by 2021, three new all- electric volvos are going to be on the market. up next, an uber keep hitting roadblocks, lyft keeps growing. but now the company says they have a no gloating policy. >> oh, well, that's my policy, as well. we have blue around the bay area, sunshine inland and a warming trend. the forecast is coming up as we look live over the city after a break.
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uber and lyft both launched right here in the bay area... the competition between the two companies is fierce. but ohn blacksto . uber and lyft both launched here in the bay area. the competition between them is fierce. but reporter john blackstone sat down the lyft cofounder who says his company is setting itself apart. >> reporter: traffic is a plague in cities across the country. >> good morning, john. >> good morning. >> reporter: when i went for a ride in san francisco with the president and cofounder of lyft, john zimmer, we got stuck in a typical jam. >> look at all these cars. they're individuals driving
6:43 pm
themselves. and no one else sharing the ride with them. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: ridesharing has propelled lyft and its larger competitor, uber, into multi- billion-dollar companies. both launched in san francisco just a couple of years apart. around the same time were you starting lyft, there were some guys across town starting another company. >> yeah. i heard about that. >> reporter: it's actually grown a lot faster than yours. >> they actually started with private cars, limos, a couple of years before us so they had a footprint. but before then, we launched peer-to-peer transportation which is people using their own personal cars and we're now the fastest growing rideshare service in the united states and are taking market share from the other guys. >> reporter: those other guys, uber, have spent months dealing with a series of scandals that led to the recent ouster of the ceo. a study of credit card transactions shows uber losing market share as lyft gains. lyft says it now has 30% of the u.s. market.
6:44 pm
what's been the biggest challenge that you face? >> there's always been doubt behind our set of values, taking care of our drivers, taking care of our passengers was really important. and many people said that's going to hold you back, the other competitor is too aggressive. we said these are two different things. we're aggressively pursuing our values of taking care of people. and that is actually good for business. and i think finally people are starting to realize that. >> reporter: in 2016, lyft provided more than 162 million rides, three times more than in 2015. growth this year is up 142%. recently, you have told the people here, don't gloat. >> yeah. i think it's important, look, anything that's happening with the competitor doesn't have an impact on our drivers, our passengers and the people here. upstairs, we have the product and engineering team. >> reporter: we first met him in 2012 at his startup. >> we're trying to make history and by building a new form of
6:45 pm
transportation. you know, there was railroad, there was highways and zim- ride. >> reporter: lyft has 1700 employees and more than 700,000 drivers. as zimmer sees it, the drivers are making good use of cars that would otherwise just be parked. >> we have 250 million cars in the united states that are parked 9 6% of the time of. it's inefficient. >> reporter: the city of san francisco says one of the impacts of lyft and uber has been to create more traffic in the city. >> yes, we've seen that reporting. i think that the opportunity here is to make traffic go away. we believe we are doing that in instances. for there are cases that we're not, and there's data, we'll fix it. >> reporter: both uber and lyft see self-driving cars in their future. lyft is developing technology in partnership with google, general motors and jaguar land rover. >> we think that in a few
6:46 pm
years, you will be subscribing to a miles plan on lyft the way would you subscribe to a minutes plan on at&t, verizon or t-mobile. >> reporter: you've already upset the taxi industry. are you going on the automobile industry as well? >> we're focused on what customers want and providing that experience. if that means we can provide a better experience than the alternative, we'll do that. >> reporter: and he practices what he preaches. when he gave me a lift, he borrowed a car. >> i don't own a car and i carpool to work in the mornings with my cofounder. >> reporter: you can get along in a major city like san francisco without a car? >> absolutely. >> reporter: and that's the future that you see? >> yeah, i think so. it's going to free up a lot of space within our cities. it's going to save people money. >> reporter: there's no doubt, john zimmer is a ridesharing visionary but for now just like the rest of us, he can still
6:47 pm
end up in gridlock. john blackstone, san francisco. isn't it funny about how nobody is worried about the fog tonight? >> what a difference a day makes, not only with the fog but also with the forecast. things warm up towards the weekend. if we could only have this last night, it would have been a better show along the embarcadero at least. many folks around the bay area got a good fireworks forecast if you were away from the coast. but today, there's more sun out the numbers are beginning to gently warm up. the difference between yesterday and today livermore three degrees warmer than last night at this time. but along the shoreline, the same, san francisco at 62. overnight lows tonight, we'll be seeing them in the low to mid-50s and high atop the west coast, that high pressure is going to be funneling some subtropical moisture in over the sierra, so maybe a thunder bumper or two out there. for us, it leads to slight warming. on the futurecast, the low clouds aren't quite as extensive but we'll start out tomorrow morning with the usual push into the peninsula and
6:48 pm
east bayshore line so it will clear rapidly. so sun will be coming out early tomorrow and temperatures will be warming up inland. along the coast not much of a change. so to sum it up, coast and bay fog tonight. warmer inland through friday and, in fact, the numbers approach 100 degrees inland by the time we get to friday and near seasonal temperatures around the bay and the shoreline. forecast highs for tomorrow near the coast are about average for this time of the year. san francisco 67. dead on cue. but in concord, 92, six degrees above average. san jose will hit 85. oakland 72. down in the south bay tomorrow we have some low overcast to start with but not for long. temperatures recover in the mid- 80s. 80s in sunnyvale. milpitas 83. san jose 85. in the east bay, things begin to warm. we're back into the 90s. 90 degrees from walnut creek down to dublin. a little bit warmer in pleasant hill, a little bit cooler in vallejo, out at brentwood 94 degrees. and at travis air force base, 95.
6:49 pm
be nice up in marin with temperatures in the 60s along the shoreline and 70s and 80s inland with 83 at petaluma, santa rosa which right now is warmer than yesterday will be even warmer still tomorrow 88 degrees for santa rosa. in sonoma 85 degrees. it is warm for ukiah already at 94. same for cloverdale. lakeport 99 and at clearlake 98. extended forecast we are going to be looking for things to begin to warm tomorrow and friday. temperatures peaking inland on friday buy still warm through the peace corps mid-90s for saturday and sunday. closer you are to the water, the cooler the temperatures and not much of a change. the low 70s around the bay and the shoreline. the usually night and early- morning low clouds with temperatures in the low 60s extending into next week, inland subsides back into average by wednesday. but between now and then, for a change, a little bit of a warming trend. so nice weekend on tap and mr. martin, that's your headlines. >> thank you. still to come, a mother's
6:50 pm
heartbreak becomes her mission to save lives. why this bay area woman wants everyone to know how her son died. >> and coming up on nightbeat at 10:00, we're talking about the growing tensions between the u.s. and north korea. are you worried about the country's latest missile test? tweet me at #veronicadlcruz.
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experienced some form of hazing by the time they reach college. bay mother who according to national statistics almost half of young people have experienced some form of hazing by the time they reach college. an east bay mother who lost her son to a hazing ritual is spreading the word to protect other families from a similar tragedy. sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: debbie smith's son died in what police describe as a torture chamber with writing on the walls that said, no one can hear you scream. today, she is telling his story loud and clear. ♪[ music ] reporter: max harrington did what he was told pledging a
6:54 pm
fraternity at chico state. he did pushups in raw sewage and chugged gallons of water or getting blasted with ice cold water and air. the 21-year-old died of water intoxication. >> everybody needs to know. >> reporter: it was 2005 but his mother debbie smith knows the details by heart. >> oh, my god, my son spent the last days of his life in this disgusting sewage infested cold basement. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: in his memory, debbie has changed her name to add mm exposing the horrors of hazing through her two-year-old nonprofit the antihazing awareness. she talks to students and parents and schools and community groups. she described how hazing can seem harmless at first. matt had to carry a brick everywhere but it quickly escalated to the brutality in the basement. >> i didn't know that he was brainwashed into believing that
6:55 pm
that was okay. >> reporter: past rotary president says debbie's message is life-saving. >> each time i have had the opportunity to speak with debbie, i'm always deeply moved. she is an angel. >> reporter: debbie has also extended forgiveness to the 7 young men responsible for matt's hazing like jerry lim who spent several months in jail. >> to get that kind of forgiveness it goes a long way in forgiving yourself eventually. >> reporter: now as a father working toward his law license, jerry has joined debbie in speaking against hazing. >> matt still had plenty of life ahead of him and any way i can help to make at least some kind of small amends for that i'm more than willing to do. >> reporter: debbie will share matt's story with anyone who will listen, driven by a dream she had after he died. >> and he said, mom, i'm okay. and i want you to know they messed with the wrong mom because he knew that i would make sure that something happened and that we would save lives in his memory.
6:56 pm
>> reporter: so for her anti- hazing movement had week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to debbie smith, matt's mom. thanks to debbie's persistence, matt's law passed in 2006. hazing was formerly only a misdemeanor under the education code rather than the state penal code even if someone died. with matt's law hazing can be charged as a felony under the state penal code now. >> strong woman, great message. thank you. >> and you can nominate your own local hero for a jefferson award online at all right. for now throughout the evening, the latest news and weather, always on >> don't forget to join us for nightbeat at 10:00 over on our sister station kbcw 44/cable 12. and join us tonight here at 11:00. good night. ♪[ music ] who are these people?
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